We believe in a secure retirement for all.

When asked, new LAGERS employers are likely to say the reason they joined LAGERS was to increase their ability to recruit and retain quality workers. By providing a LAGERS benefit that grows larger as an employee continues to work, the benefits help recruit quality employees, retain those quality individuals throughout their most productive years, and allow a dignified exit from the workforce when an individual’s productivity begins to decline. Employees who stay on the job longer than expected because they cannot afford to retire are among the most costly, and often least productive, employees. A well structured retirement plan can help an employer efficiently manage personnel throughout the employee life cycle.

What is a Defined Benefit Plan?

Summary of LAGERS Benefits

Employer Eligibility & Joining Process

Switching from an Existing Retirement Plan

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Employer Spotlight

The City of Webster Groves, MO switched from a 401(k)-style retirement plan (called a defined contribution plan) to LAGERS’ defined benefit plan in 2013 after the city’s senior staff recognized the employees’ retirement prospects could be better.

In addition to improving the retirement security of their employees, city leaders were also concerned with being able to attract and retain the best possible workers to serve the citizens in their community.