LAGERS’ Investments

LAGERS’ Investment Team provides comprehensive investment management in efforts to secure benefits for LAGERS members. Activities undertaken by the Investment Team include setting and implementing investment strategies, appointing and dismissing investment managers, monitoring investment allocation, liquidity, and performance; and ensuring safekeeping of assets.

The goal is to achieve the assumed rate of return of 7.00% over the long-term, consistent with an acceptable degree of risk in relation to the nature and duration of the underlying benefits.  To achieve this goal the Investment Team sets an investment strategy which is devised after analyzing the long-term view of the market and consulting with LAGERS’ Board of Trustees.

Portfolio Performance


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Diversification of Assets

The asset allocation has been developed for the purpose of meeting the assumed rate of return in all market environments. LAGERS’ investment team is continuously looking for attractive opportunities to diversify the asset base to add to the return and reduce overall risk. The asset allocation is based on short- and long-term goals, liquidity needs, risks and return characteristics of asset types, costs associated with available assets, and market conditions. LAGERS members can have confidence that the risk-aware investment strategy that LAGERS continues to use will assure that long-term obligations to our members will be achieved.

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