To be eligible for active membership with LAGERS, you must work in a LAGERS covered department and work above a certain number of hours set by your employer. You become eligible to receive a benefit once you become vested and reach a retirement age. Below is more detailed information about coverage and eligibility.

Covered Departments

Each LAGERS employer individually elects which department(s) it will cover. At a minimum, your employer must cover a general department. The general department will include employees of administration, public works, parks, utilities, dispatchers, ambulance services, and other civilians. Each employer may also elect to cover its police department, fire department and / or Public Safety Department*.

Annual Hours Required for Coverage

When your employer joined the LAGERS system, it made an election setting the annual number of hours you must work to be covered under LAGERS. Your employer chose either 1,500, 1,250 or 1,000 hours annually as its coverage requirement.

As long as your position requires you to work above the Annual Hours Required for Coverage in a covered department, you must be covered and will continue to earn credit towards your LAGERS benefit.

Elected Officials

If you’re an elected official at a LAGERS-participating employer, you’re working in a covered department and you’re working above the Annual Hours Required for Coverage, you must be covered by the system.

Members of the Governing Body

If you’re a member of the governing body, you can choose individually to be covered. You’re eligible if you’re paid a wage for your elected position, the wages paid are subject to Social Security withholding and the employer has 10 or more LAGERS-covered employees. If this governing body position requires you to work above the Annual Hours Required for Coverage, you may still individually opt-in or opt-out of LAGERS coverage.


To be eligible to receive a benefit from LAGERS, you must first become vested. You become vested once you earn 5 years (60 months) of credited service within the LAGERS system. Your 60 months of credited service can be earned at one employer or a combination of LAGERS employers.

Once you become vested, you’re guaranteed to receive a benefit from LAGERS regardless of whether you continue to work for a LAGERS employer until retirement.

Your employer can elect to cover its employees under normal retirement ages or the Rule of 80.

Normal Retirement Ages

General Employees:

  • Age 60

Police Officers, Fire Fighters & Public Safety Personnel*

  •  Age 55

*Public Safety Personnel is an optional employer election. Click Here for more information

For example:

Rule of 80





Rule of 80 Notes: