LAGERS has partnered with over 800 local government units from across Missouri.  Our partner employers work every day to make Missouri’s communities a place to call home, and we are committed to helping provide them with the best tools they need to develop a world class public workforce.

Below are links to help you better understand the funding and accounting of your LAGERS retirement plan.

Your employer has the flexibility to change their LAGERS benefit levels to best meet their personnel goals and budget. Learn more about your plan by clicking the links below.

Below are some additional resources available for the administration and communication of your LAGERS benefit.

Local governments are the heartbeat of Missouri.  They touch the lives of every Missouri citizen, every day.  Strong local governments start with great public servants, and Missouri LAGERS is here to make sure every local community has the tools they need to attract and retain good workers that provide valuable services to the taxpayers.

How do we help you do this?  LAGERS is a tool our employers use to make employment in local government attractive.  And because members’ benefits are service-based, LAGERS also creates an incentive to keep workers employed long term.

After a career in public service, LAGERS provides the mechanism to transition out of the workforce with dignity and financial security, creating steady and predictable movement within the workforce so employers can make better personnel decisions and employees are motivated by opportunities for advancement.