Our members work tirelessly to make every Missouri community a great place to live.  LAGERS is dedicated to delivering peace of mind to our public servants by providing protected retirement, disability and survivor benefits. We work hard to ensure your hard-earned money is secure so you can concentrate on serving your community.  Below you will find information no matter what your career stage. Select your career stage to learn more about your LAGERS benefit.

As a new LAGERS member, there are a few things you should know about your benefit including vesting,eligibility, and how your benefit works.



Whether you are thinking about a career change or looking forward to your future, it’s a good idea to take inventory of all your retirement benefits throughout your career to help ensure you’re on track for reaching your financial goals.





So, you’re nearing retirement, but you may still have some questions about your benefit, the application process and payment options. This is perfectly normal. Many pre-retirees are unsure about how to go about actually retiring. Navigating the retirement process can seem daunting, but knowing the answers to your lingering questions will help.


Have you already applied for your retirement benefit? Wondering now what?

Did you know your benefit is subject to state and federal taxes?

Did you know you could draw your benefit and still go back to work?

What do you do if you or your beneficiary passes away?

Do you know what time of the month you should expect your monthly benefit?


You may not work in a LAGERS covered position until the day you retire; however, you may still be eligible for benefits based on the time you spent serving your community.