LAGERS Board of Trustees

The Board’s principal role is to ensure that LAGERS is appropriately governed and managed. The overriding goal of the Board is to serve the best interests of members and beneficiaries and to protect the assets of the system. Trustees set strategy and policy and delegate day-to-day management of the retirement system to staff. The LAGERS Board of Trustees is made up of three elected Member Trustees, three elected Employer Trustees and one appointed Citizen Trustee.

The three Member Trustees must be active employee members of LAGERS and are elected by a vote of the members at LAGERS Annual Meeting.

The three Employer Trustees must be active officers or officials of a LAGERS participating employer and are elected by a vote of the officers and officials at LAGERS Annual Meeting.

The one Citizen Trustee is neither an active member or employer official and is appointed by the governor.

Arby Todd, Chairperson

Member Trustee, City of Lee’s Summit
Term Expires: 12-31-2021

Joan Jadali, CPFO, CEBS, Vice Chairperson

Member Trustee, City of Webster Groves
Term Expires: 12-31-2022

Robert Ashcroft

Employer Trustee, Platte County
Term Expires: 12-31-2021

Frank Buck

Employer Trustee, DeKalb County
Term Expires: 12-31-2020

Barry McCullough

Employer Trustee, City of Gladstone
Term Expires: 12-31-2022

Sandy Walker

Member Trustee, City of Poplar Bluff
Term Expires: 12-31-2020

Claire Scoville

Citizen Trustee
Term Expires: 12-31-2019