Returning to LAGERS Covered Employment

A former member may decide to re-employ with the same or a different LAGERS employer some time in the future.

I was not vested when I left LAGERS Employment

If you are re-employing within the LAGERS system and you had less than 60 months of service when you left employment previously, you may still be eligible for a benefit based on that service should you become vested.

In order to receive credit for your previous service, you must:

  1. Have not taken a refund of contributions. Taking a refund of your member contributions forfeits any credited service on that account. If you took a refund, you may still be eligible to redeposit those funds plus interest to reinstate previous service.
  2. Be re-employed within 10 years of termination with your former LAGERS employer. A non-vested member must re-employ within 10 years of their termination date in order to be eligible to receive credited service for their previous LAGERS employment.