Considering Returning to Work? You Have Options

Whether it is finding purpose, the call to serve, or filling a need, many of our retirees return to work after they have started drawing their LAGERS benefit. As a retiree, you have a number of possible scenarios where you can return to work and continue to receive your full LAGERS benefit. This article includes some of the more common possibilities.

Working For a Non-LAGERS Employer:
While drawing your LAGERS benefit, you may work at any non-LAGERS employer. This employer may be a private sector employer, self-employment or public sector work not covered by LAGERS. Either way, you can work full-time or part-time for this non-LAGERS employer and continue to receive your full unreduced LAGERS benefit.

Working Part-Time for a LAGERS Employer:
As well, you may work part-time for any LAGERS employer. This employer may include the employer from which you’re drawing a benefit or a different LAGERS employer.

Keep in mind, LAGERS employers define who is covered by LAGERS as total hours worked annually. You must maintain lower than your employer’s annual hours for coverage to remain in a part-time uncovered position. This is especially important if you return to the employer from which you retired because you cannot work in a covered position and receive a monthly benefit from the same employer at the same time.

Working Full-Time for a Different LAGERS Employer:
Another option you have is returning to LAGERS covered full-time employment with a different LAGERS employer and continue to receive your LAGERS benefit unreduced.

Before you can employ at the new LAGERS employer, you must have a one calendar month break in employment. At your new LAGERS employer, you will begin accruing an additional separate LAGERS benefit and become vested after 12 consecutive months of employment with your new LAGERS employer. Upon your second retirement, any vested benefit will be added to your current monthly benefit.

Returning to Work Full-Time at Your Previous LAGERS Employer:
When returning to work at the same LAGERS employer from which you retired, your monthly benefit will be suspended. While working in a covered position at your previous employer, you will accrue an additional, separate LAGERS benefit and will become vested after 12 consecutive months for your additional benefit. Upon leaving employment, any vested benefit will be added to your current monthly benefit.

In summary, you may choose to continue to serve your community by returning to work. If you do, there are many options that will allow you to receive your monthly benefit and continue to work. If you are planning to return to work, consider calling the LAGERS office prior to accepting the position to ensure you will continue to receive your monthly benefit.

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