We believe in a secure retirement for all.

Missouri LAGERS believes that it is our mission to provide and preserve retirement security for those dedicated to serving Missouri’s local communities.

We believe in serving those who serve others.

We know that great communities start with great public servants and our team is committed to delivering a secure retirement to Missouri’s local public servants. LAGERS exists to offer peace of mind to Missouri’s local government workers by providing protected retirement, disability and survivor benefits. We work hard to ensure our members’ hard-earned money is secure so they can concentrate on serving their communities.

Meet the Team

The LAGERS team brings over 150 years of combined pension administration experience helping to ensure that every local government worker in Missouri can count on us to deliver a world class retirement system.

Our Commitment

LAGERS exists solely for the benefit of our members and those who depend upon them. We take our responsibility seriously and strive to ensure the people who keep our communities going can depend on us.


We believe in creating strong communities through meaningful partnerships

Local governments come in all shapes and sizes – from cities and counties to public utilities and health departments, from parks and recreation and road districts to libraries and fire districts.  All of Missouri’s communities count on local government to deliver the services needed to make a community a place to call home.

LAGERS strives to create partnerships that enhance local governments’ ability to build strong communities.

Our Impact

LAGERS isn’t just great for Missouri’s local government workers, it’s great for Missouri. LAGERS is helping build strong communities all across our great state.

Our Partner Employers

LAGERS has partnered with over 800 employers across the state to deliver retirement security.


We believe in delivering peace of mind to our public servants

Great communities start with great public servants.  We want Missouri’s public servants focusing on their communities, not worrying about whether they will someday be able to retire.

How it Works

One thing that every LAGERS member can count on is that after a career in public service, they will have earned a stable, predictable retirement benefit.

We Invest for You

LAGERS’ team of investment professionals work to earn the best possible
return for our members.