Updating Your Tax Withholding Online

LAGERS will withhold taxes from your monthly benefit for Federal and Missouri income taxes only. The amount withheld from your benefit is at your direction and can be changed at any time. To adjust your current withholding, you can either complete LAGERS Withholding Form and submit it to the LAGERS office OR log on to the myLAGERS member web portal.

**If you have previously elected a fixed amount on your Federal tax withholding, you should have received a notice from LAGERS.  Fixed Federal withholding amounts on your LAGERS benefit are no longer permitted. 

Don’t have a myLAGERS account? No problem!  Setting up a myLAGERS is easy and secure!

  1. Follow this link and click the Enroll Now button
  2. Agree to our Terms and Conditions
  3. Confirm your identity, and set your username, password, and security questions.

To update your withholding on your myLAGERS account, simply click on the Retirement Date Link of the account you want to update.

  1. From the Payment Account Summary screen, navigate down to Withholding Information and click “Update Withholding” button.
  2. Input your new elections and click “calculate new withholding.”
  3. Review the impact to your monthly benefit, and then check the box by the disclaimer and click “apply changes.”

Questions? Our team is here to help!
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