How Do I Add a Public Safety Department?

LAGERS’ employers may choose to give EMS personnel, jailers and emergency telecommunicators an age 55 retirement by adding a public safety department. The addition of a public safety department is permanent, and employers must complete a formal process. Below explains the steps for adding a public safety department.

  1. Determine the cost of adding a public safety department.
    • LAGERS actuary must complete an initial valuation for the public safety department.
      • To complete the valuation, LAGERS will ask you to verify all current and former public safety eligible employees.
    • There will be an increased cost for the public safety department, and there may be impacts to your general department’s contributions.
    • Typical turn around is 8 weeks for the valuation.
  2. Make the cost information public information for 45 days.
    • The valuation is valid for 12 months after receipt.
    • LAGERS also forwards a copy to the Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement Systems as required by law.
  3. Your governing body passes a resolution/ordinance adopting the public safety department
    • LAGERS will provide sample verbiage for this permanent election
  4. Send a photocopy of the fully executed resolution/ordinance to LAGERS’ office within 10 days of it passing

After the resolution has been received, LAGERS staff will begin the process creating the new department, updating contribution rates and moving member accounts from the general department to the new public safety department. During this time, LAGERS staff will correspond with you for additional information regarding current and former public safety employees.

If you are interested in learning more about adding a public safety department, contact the LAGERS office.