LAGERS has been monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in an effort to ensure we are proactively protecting the health and safety of our members and staff, and to ensure that our normal business operations and services to our members and retirees continue uninterrupted.


LAGERS has assembled a response team to ensure we are taking all necessary and responsible steps in ensuring the continued effective operation of your retirement system and remains committed to keeping our stakeholders informed of any forthcoming developments.


It is times like these when we are especially reminded of the importance of the work our members do. Missouri LAGERS represents nearly 70,000 working and retired local government employees including local health department workers, other public health and long-term care providers, emergency responders, as well as countless other local government workers from public administrators all the way down to local sanitation workers– these are the men and women on the front lines, working to ensure that every community in our state is a safe, healthy, and desirable place to live.


As our members continue their important work in serving their communities, LAGERS remains resolved in ensuring that the COVID-19 virus causes little to no disruption in our services, and our members and retirees should feel confident that their LAGERS retirement system remains strong and secure.


Robert L. Wilson, CEBS

Executive Director


Updated as of 3/30/2020


As this is a rapidly evolving situation, our response team is evaluating any necessary actions daily, so please check this web page and LAGERS’ social media for updates. At this time here are some important points of interest for our stakeholders:


  • Cole County is under a stay at home order. However, LAGERS remains operational as LAGERS' is considered an essential government function.
  • LAGERS has plans in place to ensure continuation of services during events like this.
  • No interruptions are anticipated to member benefit payments, collection of contributions, or any other business functions.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the LAGERS offices is operating with limited staff.  As we continue to strive to deliver top notch customer service to our members during this time, please note our reply may take slightly longer than normal.  We appreciate your patience and understanding for any inconvenience.
  • LAGERS’ Investment Team has maintained ongoing communication with our asset managers to ensure the security and long-term focus of the LAGERS’ portfolio, and our team remains diligent in process and in allocation. LAGERS’ investment team has built a diversified portfolio that is like a strong house, able to withstand all types of weather. LAGERS remains a long-term investor and will continue to monitor both positive and negative impacts to LAGERS’ portfolio.
  • Until further notice, the LAGERS office is closed to visitors.
  • In accordance with the new CDC guidelines issued on 3-15-20, LAGERS has decided cancel all in-person events through May 8, 2020. To ensure we are limiting the disruption in services to our members, LAGERS will be offering alternative virtual events for all scheduled Pre-Retirement Seminars.  Please click here for more information on all of LAGERS’ upcoming virtual events.
Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System
Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System
Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System