LAGERS exists solely for the benefit of our members and the people who are dependent upon them. We take our responsibility seriously and strive to ensure the people who keep our communities going can depend on us. The security, flexibility, and portability of our benefits make LAGERS the preferred retirement plan for Missouri’s local governments.



  • Our members’ assets are managed by professionals who have the fiduciary responsibility to make decisions based upon the best interest of the membership and their beneficiaries
  • Employers who choose to affiliate with LAGERS are required by Missouri State Law to make their full contributions each and every month to ensure their workers’ benefits are properly funded.
  • Flexibility
  • LAGERS benefits are chosen at the local level so that our participating employers can match their benefit choices to their goals.
  • LAGERS employers are allowed to change benefits periodically, either up or down, to fit the needs of their workforce and budgets.



  • While one of the reasons to provide LAGERS is to retain good employees, if an employee does decide to leave, LAGERS benefits are portable between the nearly 700 (and growing) participating local government employers.
  • LAGERS vesting period is shorter than some other pension plans at only 5 years of service. We believe this to be an extremely valuable recruitment tool for employers and employees.
  • A lump sum payout is available to vested employees who leave employment and meet certain conditions. This lump sum can be rolled over into any other eligible retirement account.




Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System
Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System
Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System