Summary of Benefits

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for a benefit from LAGERS you must work in a covered position, become vested and reach a retirement age. Your employer determines which departments are covered and how many hours you must work annually to be covered. You become guaranteed to receive a payment from LAGERS once you have completed a total of 60 months of service within the system. You employer chooses when you may begin drawing your LAGERS benefit as either normal retirement or rule of 80.

How Do I Calculate My Benefit?

How Do I Increase My Benefit?

Life Events

Retirement Planning

You can apply for your LAGERS retirement benefit 30-90 days prior to when you want to receive your first payment. There are many different options for your benefit that may pay you and beneficiaries. Your benefit is taxable, but you may qualify for some exemptions or deductions. As well, your benefit will keep the pace of the cost of goods through LAGERS cost of living adjustments.

Changes in Employment

If you’re leaving LAGERS covered employment, your age and your service credit will determine how your benefit will be handled. If you’re returning to LAGERS covered employment, your vested status and what action you took with your previous benefit will determine your vesting and benefit calculation.