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Active Member Pre-Retirement Survivor Benefit Application
If your loved one was a vested member upon death or the death was work related, use this form.

Beneficiary or Personal Representative Request for Refund of Employee Contributions
If your loved one was not vested upon death, but made contributions to the system, use this form.
Change of Address Form
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Change of Name or Beneficiary Before Retirement Form
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Direct Deposit Form
Disability Benefits: Attending Physician’s Statement of Disability Form
Former Member’s Survivor Benefit Application Form
If your loved one’s death occurred while the member was no longer employed by a LAGERS employer, use this form.
New Employee Enrollment Form
All enrollments must be completed on ECLIPSE. Use this form for your employer’s internal use only.
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Payments Due to a Former Member Form
A former member applying for a refund of employee contributions or a lump sum benefit should use this form.
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Purchase Military Service Form
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Purchase Other Missouri Public Service Form
Retiree State Income Tax Withholding Form
Retiree Federal Tax Withholding Form
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Retirement Application Form
A member applying for a regular, early or disability retirement should use this form.
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Unfunded Liability Payment Form
If an employer is making an additional lump sum payment towards their Unfunded Liability, send the payment with this form.